Animal Jam PetShare Wiki is a place to share your pets, pet ideas, new info about pets, and just anything related to pets! Please contribute to our small Wiki! :D It would be highly appreciated! On this wiki you can show off your pets, create a page saying your user's name, then the word pets.For example, Aparri's Swag Pets, or Juniper314's Kawaii Companions. That sorta thing. Enjoy exploring our wiki!

If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or concerns, please post a message on the Admins' message walls! They are listed below:

WildWackySushi (Founder)

Gliттør (Admin. and B-Cat)

Bobthefroggy (Admin and B-Cat)

If you would like to be a staff member, visit this page.

RULES: Violating any of these rules in a block, with the length of block depending on the type of violation.

1: Respect other's opinions. As humans, we are all different.

2: No spamming comments, pages, or discussions. This includes advertising too.

3: No trolling in anyway that will disturb this wiki.

4: Absolutely no vandalizing on this wiki in any amount.

5: No sockpuppeting or impersonation, this will result in a permanent block.

6: Always be kind to others, even if you disagree with them. Bullying and harassment is never allowed here.

7: Never ask for personal information. This includes but are not limited to age, password, your school, your phone number, and address.

8: Make sure you pages and comments are Animal Jam related.

9: Admins have the right to block you for no specific reason, even if there is a loophole or gap on the rules.

10: Have fun, and enjoy reading some of our pages! If you have some cool pets you want to share about, you can help this wiki grow by making a page.

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