Worth It? Edit

Rare Pets are some of the most desirable. Almost all of them have the traits of cute, unique, and probably not thought of. They all also all non-member.

"Promo Pets" tend to be worth a lot in the game, although they are becoming less in demand. In truth, though, they are pixels. Is it really worth spending around $45 and above just to get a pet firefly? (Oh, my precious Sunnykat) What will you get out of it? No one has once said "Oh, cool firefly! I really really want that!" and other stuff.

This is a little off-topic, but every non-member (well, most) desire Club Geoz music, which is a very rare treasure of a music in AJ. It comes from the Club Geoz playset, which is around $30! Most people just buy AJ toys for the codes! Is spending $30 worth a rarer item in-game? Yes, it may be exhilarating to type in the code and get something others desire, but millions of players have that item, too, so it's fairly uncommon, but also not.

So the next time you buy an AJ toy, think: is it worth it?

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