There are currently only 2 pet-themed parties in Animal Jam: Play-as-your-pet Party and the Pets-only Party.

Play-as-your-pet Party Edit

In the Play-as-your-pet Party, you appear as the pet you have selected at that current time. If you have no pet equipped, a message pops up that says "This party is for pets only! Bring a pet to join the fun!" There are 4 shops in total: Pet Den Items Shop, Flying Pet Den Items Shop, Pet Music Shop, and the Pet Stop. The Pet Stop in both pet parties have exclusive clothing items that are not available in the regular Pet Stop. To access the exclusive-items Pet Stop, you have to click on the Pet Stop at the party, rather than just clicking your avatar's image, as that will bring up the regular Pet Stop.

The setting of the party is the ground, but from the perspective of a pet's. Everything small to regular-sized animals appear large to the pets.

Pets-only Party Edit

The setting of the Pets-only party is similar to Sarpeia Forest.

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