Meet my very cute puppy called MistyFrost. He has a pet effect on him, and REALLY REALLY likes cottage cheese! His personality is kind. He is owned by Bobthefroggy. He has two other twin brothers that have the same name, but they are a snake and a duck.

Why Pet Effects are a great part to AJ: Edit

I think pet effects are one of the greatest things you can do on Animal Jam, especially when you are bored. It can be a fun challenge that takes either a few hours, to about two or three days. They are obtainable through the dog (Disk Toss), snake (Sssnake!), and duck (Ducky Dash). The easiest one is probably the snake, so I would recommend trying that game first. I heard about pet effects in a Julian2 video (15 Things To Do When You're Bored in Animal Jam). Go try the fun mini-games, but make sure you have little or no lag!! :D

-Bobthefroggy â˜ș

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