If you would like to create an RFR (Request for Rights) page, then just create a page. List your reasons why you think you deserve to become the role you'd wish to gain.

Create a "Header" with the title of "Vote Here," where users can vote.

Under that Header, create 3 more Headings, labeled "Support, Neutral, and Oppose."

You must get at least 5 Supports to pass. Voters must have a stable history.

Here is an example:

RFR Admin. : Example1432 Edit

I believe that I should have the rights of an Admin. because I am mature and I like to help out. I have 567 edits total, with 52 of them mainspace.

Support Edit

Moonp53- ya u r a cool guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can u tell that wild wacky susi why they eatingg CaTs?!?!!?!?!!?!!?!??! BAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA wut's a longg

AthenaTehBooss- YESSS!!!!!!! U R AWSPME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystalproloove- u r si ciik give me spike

HttpFrondz- okey but first delete galaxy star 28 she is a huge meany pants mmm hhhhhhh

Neutral Edit


Oppose Edit

Zoomerkat72- I oppose. 52 Edits is not nearly enough, and all I've seen you do is argue.

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