These are the staff of the wiki, please note that none of these users are administrators for Animal Jam.

The Founder

This is the boss, they look after almost everything. They created the wiki, so you can't request to be the founder.


Hi, WildWackySushi or Sushistorm here! I'm not very good at maintaining Wikis but oh well! Edit



  1. Active editor
  2. Trusted by other users on this wiki.
  3. Never been blocked
  4. 60+ edits

Hi! I'm Alysia, you can always ask me for help. My username on Animal Jam is Apidary. I look after CSS for this wiki, you can ask me for help on that too. Edit


Note: we've had a recent problem with inactive admins. Please do think if you're active since we don't want this to happen again.


  1. Active editor
  2. 30+ edits
  3. Trusted by most of the users on this wiki
  4. Never been blocked
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