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  • I live in Earth's mantle
  • My occupation is lounging
  • I am Aliens don't have genders ;)


I am the founder of AJ PetShare Wiki, so I hope you enjoy your stay! Post suggestions and ideas about the wiki on my message wall. If you would like to know all the details, visit my profile page on Animal Jam Wiki.

A Bold Future

I know this wiki is one of the lesser-known wikis, because it practically just started, but I can't wait for more players to become active on it! I hope, within a few months, we will have at least 15-20 pages, and at least 10 active users, maybe more!

Quick Facts

I've never tried Sushi.

I don't like to eat fish (or seafood, at that).

Warriors Cats is very entertaining.

Particular shows on Netflix are top-notch.

I hope you were safe during Irma!

Stay safe during Maria!

Stay safe during Winter and cold fronts! You could get frostbite and then I'd have to make a corny joke.

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