Rare Pets are... Edit

There are insects, mammals, and more as rare pets! AJHQ makes some animals that are too small to become an AJ animal one day, such as the grasshopper, into rare pets. I believe there are many pros and cons to them...

Land, Sky, Underwater... Edit

I think that there should be more Sky pets! Believe me, I really love Sunnykat, my pet firefly, but it would be cool if there was a pet flying squirrel, or a pet dragonfly. Maybe even if wings were an accessory for pigs, AJHQ could really bring the phrase "if pigs could fly" to life! (On a random note, AJHQ should release pet snails for nms; different shells, eyestalks, etc.)

Okay, I'm Done Edit

I wrote a 5 page essay about Joan Miro, a Spanish Artist, so I could've written a lot more.

Who's too lazy?

I'M too lazy!!

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